Digital SLR Photography – December 2019

Digital SLR Photography – December 2019

WELCOME TO THE DECEMBER 2019 of Digital SLR Photography. With the latest cameras offering a wealth of features that make capturing images easier than , it’s understandable why many beginners leave their mode dial set to Full Auto, as more often than not this gives a good exposure. However. as experienced photographers know, taking control is essential for better results. Knowing how to change apertures and their effect on the image is arguably the first and most important lesson anyone looking to improve their photography skills can make. While camera scan be left to produce well-exposed images automatically, they’re not clever enough to know what kind of image you’re trying to create or how much depth-of- field you want to record, which is why an understanding of apertures is so vital.
Our Photo Masterclass, starting on page 46. offers everything you need to take photography to the next level. With Christmas not too 100 far away. we’ve put together a bumper guide (page 97) with over 50 gift ideas for photographers. so if you, a family member or friend needs help finding the perfect present , you’ll find plenty to fit your budget. hope you II enjoy these and other articles in the latest issue. All the best!

Digital SLR Photography – December 2019

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