You Dinosaurs – 2020

Requirements: .PDF reader, 33mb
Overview: The wonderful world of di-nosaurs has fascinated people for generations. It’s quite amazing to think that these interesting creatures roamed the Earth millions of years be-fore us.

Our first dino magazine in 2014 was so popular we’ve decided to republish it. For this edition we’ve added a fun set of trump cards so the new generation of budding palaeontologists can learn while playing! We’ve also added four new dino-saurs — changyuraptor (page 56), zuul and siamraptor (page 78), as well as kamuysaurus (page 79).

Palaeontologists base all their dino facts on the fossils and skeletons they’ve found (we explain how that works on page 74). But as science progresses, ex-s perts sometimes alter facts as they can : make better deductions now than they 16′ could a few years ago which is why dino-S saur information is not always consistent. The experts also don’t always agree. Have plenty of dino fun and use this magazine to be amazed by a world we’ll 8 never get to visit!.


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