Women’s Health – No Gym Required 2023

Women’s Health – No Gym Required 2023
English | 100 pages | PDF | 30.8 MB

Here’s some good news for you: It’s totally possible to do exercises at home and get as awesome of a workout as you would at the gym. Better still? You can make this happen without owning any home gym equipment. Not only are equipment-free moves convenient, but doing exercises at home without weights is a great way to check in with yourself and focus on form. Because of this, body-weight exercises are great for beginners, but they’re also effective for more intermediate or advanced exercisers, too. If you’re new to fitness, body-weight exercises help you learn how to work with your own body. And if you’re more advanced, they’re great for an active recovery day from lifting heavier weights. Not to mention, if you need a convenient workout to do anywhere, anytime, these moves have you covered. You’ll reap all of these benefits and more in this special publication: Women’s Health No-Gym Required.


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