Wireframe – Issue 70, 2023

Wireframe is a magazine that focuses on the world of video games. It is published every two weeks and covers a wide range of topics related to the creation and production of games. Each issue of Wireframe delves into the process of game development, featuring interviews with game developers and designers, and offering insights into the tools and techniques used to create games.

In addition to exploring the behind-the-scenes of game development, Wireframe also provides practical guidance for readers who are interested in creating their own games. This includes tutorials and step-by-step guides on game design, programming, and other technical aspects of game development.

Overall, Wireframe is a valuable resource for anyone interested in the world of video games, whether they are seasoned developers or simply curious about the process of creating digital interactive experiences.

Wireframe – Issue 70, 2023
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Wireframe Issue 70 2023 - Wireframe - Issue 70, 2023

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