Wholality: The Missing Link To Love by Rudi Kennard

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Overview: Journey with the authors, Rudi and Jules Kennard as they together, uncover how Jules went from homelessness, labels of C-PTSD, Depression, Anxiety, ADHD and an ‘incurable’ heart condition, to being financially free, label free, and experiencing a wholehearted, inner-unconditional freedom.

This book is not about us, it is about YOU, and how this FREEDOM is absolutely ‘transferable’ to anyone. It demystifies the mystical and makes the profound practical.

By the end of this book, you will have ‘realizations’ into universal laws that give you more personal freedom in HOW TO:

End self judgment
Have a contented inner freedom
Truly love yourself
Manifest ‘out there’ a wildly beautiful life
Become more intuitive
Connect with a universal power

We collapse the human concepts around teachings like, Non-Duality, Three Principles, Law of Attraction, and the Metaphysical. We go back to their underlying universal laws/essence, and how they are personally helpful in ‘real’ life.
BUT, above all of these … It expands the heart of compassion.

DOWNLOAD : https://app.blackhole.run/#fkEBznSayP1Hh93LYmrJmRmkpig2LgXqCzDfDHdXqju3

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