What on Earth! Magazine – December 2023 /January 2024

What on Earth! is a monthly science magazine focused on bringing readers in touch with our planet’s unique and incredible features through compelling photos, stories, and discoveries. Covering everything from Earth science to anthropology, wildlife to conservation, each issue hopes to broaden readers’ understanding of what makes our planet so spectacular. By highlighting places, creatures, and ecology found nowhere else in the cosmos, while celebrating humanity’s ongoing efforts to protect it all, What on Earth’s contributors serve as passionate storytellers about the majesty, resilience, and fragility that defines Earth’s natural tapestry. Ultimately, What on Earth serves as a call to connect readers with the responsibility too honor and safeguard this precious Home we inhabit.

What on Earth! Magazine – December 2023 /January 2024
Requirements: .PDF reader, 43.8 MB| True PDF


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