Vogue Knitting – Winter 2020

Vogue Knitting – Winter 2020

Vogue Knitting is a popular knitting magazine for those who love and know how to make things with their own hands using knitting needles and threads. This issue offers a collection of knitwear and accessories for the whole family for the winter season. You want to tie everything! 


40 BOLD COLOR, 3-D POP Bright, fun accessories in exaggerated stitches.
44 A KALEIDOSCOPIC EYE Dazzle them with tumbling triangles and six shade-shifting colorways.
46 BUILT ENVIRONMENT British designer Georgia Farrell is inspired by art and architecture.
48 OPEN AND SHUT Four cardigans make the case for versatile style — with or without buttons.
54 KNITTING, SERIOUSLY Julia Farwell-Clay melds techniques, colors, shapes, and textures into one folkloric pullover.
58 GARDEN PARTY This curated collection takes feminine cables and lace from dreamy to dramatic.


22 COLOR, CAKE, AND CAMARADERIE Aimée Osbourn-Gille serves up tea along with hand-dyed delights at her Parisian knit café.
28 JONAH’S HANDS Crochet prodigy Jonah Larson.
32 SWING TIME How to flatter with A-line shaping, explained by Meg Swansen.
36 A FLOCK OF HER OWN Charis Walker tends to heritage sheep and the land they graze.

Vogue Knitting – Winter 2020

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