Very Interesting – November December 2023

This monthly popular science magazine lives up to its bold name by captivating readers with fascinating stories about innovation, nature, history, and the human experience. Its wide-ranging works of journalism dive deep into the big ideas shaping the world across science, technology, archaeology, and culture. Dynamic visuals accompany grounded yet conversational explorations of topics from the puzzles of consciousness to groundbreaking inventions to rich photographic time capsules of days gone by. The tone is one of inclusive curiosity – assuming no prior subject knowledge but unafraid to tackle complex concepts in an accessible, engaging way. Ranging from quirky to profound, what ties each piece together is the unlocking of new perspectives on people, places, ideas and eras to reveal just how very interesting our universe can be.

Very Interesting – November December 2023
English | 84 Pages | Vector PDF | 23.8 MB

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