Vegan Food Living – July 2020

Vegan Food & Living – July 2020

by freemagazines

For years, it’s been well-known what a calming, therapeutic effect baking can have on the soul. But when there were so many things to do, people to see, and places to go, most of us could never quite find the time to dedicate to this mindful pursuit. All that changed a couple of months ago, as the UK collectively switched on their ovens to bake banana bread, nurture sourdough starters, and remember just how much better home-baked cookies taste compared to the ones you pick up from the supermarket. So this issue, we decided to help guide you a little further along your vegan baking journey. We take you from perfecting the basics — you cant beat the comfort of classics such as the Victoria sponge and Dorset apple cake on page 24 — to ramping your skills up a notch to experiment with the miracle that is aquafaba (the liquid leftover in a tin of chickpeas, for anyone not in the know). Youll be amazed how quickly this unassuming ingredient can turn into celebration-worthy pavlovas, particularly when topped with creme påtissiere and Pimm’s syrup (page 22)! We don’t know about you, but we’d quite like to keep an element of the slower- paced living that we’ve recently encountered, even when life starts to edge back towards some resemblance of ‘normality’. Taking a few hours out to bake every few weeks can be a great way to do this. And if you’re in the market for a few more ideas to extend your newfound passion for living in the moment, check out Katy Beskow’s feature on embracing the Joys Of Missing Out on page 112. We hope you enjoy the issue, are taking good care of yourselves, and well see you again next month! 


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