The World Scientific Reference of Water Science

The World Scientific Reference of Water Science, 3 Vols Set by Junhong Chen, Matthew Tirrell
Requirements: .PDF reader, 405 mb
Overview: Water is an indispensable resource for our society. Essential to sustaining life and economic prosperity, water is also the basic component for manufacturing almost everything to keep society alive, including energy, food, clothing, cars, and electronics, among many other examples. It is, thus, an integral part of our lives beyond simply quenching our thirst. In addition, our future economy and security highly depend upon the availability of clean water. Yet given its critical importance, there is a limited supply of renewable freshwater across the globe and there is no substitute.

Global population and economic growth, urbanization, and climate change further exacerbate the increasing stress on freshwater supplies. As such, society urgently needs to find the scientific and engineering solutions to more efficiently manage our precious water resources. The volumes of this multi-volume reference cover the latest scientific advancements and solutions in managing and treating this crucial resource.

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