The Smart Woman’s Guide to the Menopause – 6th Edition, 2023

The Smart Woman’s Guide to the Menopause – 6th Edition, 2023
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Overview: There’s no such thing as a typical menopause. We’re all different, and we’ll all go through the years of 45 to 55 or so with varying degrees of disruption. Perhaps you’ve just entered the first phase – perimenopause – and you’re exhausted by sleepless nights. Or you may have landed slap-bang in the middle of full-blown menopause and you wonder if an alien (with a tendency to hot flushes and brain fog) has taken over your body. Whichever stage you’re at, there’s one irrefutable truth: you’re not alone. There are millions of women going through the same thing right now – and, increasingly, speaking out about it. No longer is menopause a taboo topic. Women in midlife are pushing for greater employment rights, starting to celebrate their freedom from monthly cycles, and realising there is an exciting life to be enjoyed on the other side. But first, let us guide you through. With hundreds of tips, personal experiences and expert advice, The Smart Woman’s Guide to the Menopause will help you navigate the symptoms and stresses of this, your ultimate rite of passage.
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