The MagPi – Build a Raspberry Pi Media Player, 2022

The MagPi – Build a Raspberry Pi Media Player, 2022
Requirements: .PDF reader, 25MB True PDF
Overview: Power up your TV and music system with Raspberry Pi: build the ultimate media center, and smart music system, and create a home server.

Inside Build a Raspberry Pi Media Player

Create the ultimate media center. Gather your parts and build your Raspberry Pi media player

Install media player software. How to use RetroPie software for playing games, and add Kodi for media and streaming

Build the ultimate home server. Sharing and storing files on your Raspberry Pi enables you to access them from anywhere in the home

Create an amazing music system. Create a digital jukebox using open-source software

Set up multi-room audio. Fill your home with sound using a multi-room setup.

Product tests. The best media player equipment tested

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