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The MacBook GuideBook 2019

The MacBook GuideBook 2019

The MacBook GuideBook Magazine

The MacBook GuideBook is a new kind of Mac magazine. Instead of looking at the operating system, the apps and the features in turn, we concentrate on what you use your Mac notebook for. If you’re a complete beginner, there’s a getting started section. If you’re interested in using the Internet, we show you how to get your MacBook online and how to use key Internet apps such as the Safari web browser and the Mail email client. If you use your notebook for entertainment, check out our guide to making the most from iTunes, with the Apple Music service and buying movies, music and TV shows from the iTunes store. For productivity, we take an in-depth look at Notes, Maps, Contacts, Calendar, Preview and Apple Pay. If you want to take things further, check out our guides to the MacBook’s key advanced features.

The MacBook GuideBook 2019

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