The History Collection – Medival History, Issue 52, 2021

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Overview: From ancient history through the middle ages and beyond, this volume of All About History: The Collection features some of the most mesmerising places, maniacal dictators and fearless travellers history has to offer. Within these pages you’ll encounter some of history’s greatest minds, from the groundbreaking thinkers of the Islamic Golden Age to Galileo’s battle against the church to prove the Earth rotates around the Sun. You’ll then meet some of the most ruthless rulers the world has ever known and discover how Caesar plunged Rome into chaos and Stalin eradicated friends and foes alike. By that point you’ll probably be ready to enter the royal courts of some of the most remarkable monarchs to have seated a throne before journeying back in time to ancient Greece. If all that doesn’t prove too exhausting we’ll then set sail for the New World and a lost city – assuming we don’t get stranded along the way! “

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