The History Collection: History of Ghosts – 2nd Edition, 2021

Have you ever witnessed a ghost? This bookazine is chock-full of spooks, specters, and horrifying hauntings! Discover the history of ghost beliefs from the world to the present. Learn why people believe in ghosts and the scientific explanations for haunted houses, spectral lights, frightening sounds, and eerie apparitions. Investigate hoaxes and horrors from some of the world’s most spooky sites, as well as stories about the phantoms, wraiths, and spirits that are said to inhabit them. Learn about the mythology and folklore surrounding ghost beliefs all around the world, from iconic figures like headless horsemen to heartbreaking tales of the colorful and ethereal ladies who haunt woods, castles, and stately homes. Check out modern-day phantasms, possessions, and poltergeists, as well as paranormal investigators who use traditional spiritual techniques as well as cutting-edge technology to determine whether spectral presences from beyond the veil are still haunting homes, offices, public buildings, families, and communities.

English | 132 pages | PDF | 175.71 MB

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