The Economist Audio – July 29, 2023

The Economist audio editions provide listeners with an efficient way to stay current on global news, politics, business, finance, science, technology and the arts. Audio versions of the weekly print magazine, Economist Radio podcasts, and audio briefings cover the publication’s signature analysis of world events and policy.

The full weekly edition audio summarizes The Economist’s news stories, opinion pieces, obituaries, and cultural commentary in approximately 12 hours of narration. Readers, including professional voices like Joanne Whalley, highlight essays and articles word-for-word from the latest print issue. The Economist’s characteristically direct, authoritative, and often witty perspective comes through in this audio format.

In addition to the main edition, Economist Radio produces over 25 podcasts on specialized topics such as technology, finance, and world politics. These shows include interviews with experts, reports from correspondents, and discussions analyzing current affairs and events unfolding around the globe. Briefings from Economist writers offer 15-20 minute summaries of a recent issue’s main stories.

Across its audio content, The Economist aims to deliver cogent insights into complex issues affecting business, politics, and society. With hosts based in London, Hong Kong, New York and other global bureaus, these audio editions speak with the publication’s global mindset and British editorial lens. For 150 years, The Economist’s audio has provided the same thought-provoking and succinct analysis of international news that has made the print magazine an authoritative voice.

The Economist Audio – July 29, 2023
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