The Economist Audio Edition – August 12, 2023

The Economist Audio Edition is a weekly roundup of news and analysis from the iconic magazine narrated by staff from The Economist’s London headquarters.

The August 12, 2023 edition features the latest on the turbulent global economy including soaring inflation, energy crises, and fears of recession across Europe, Asia and the Americas. Special reports will dive into financial instability affecting emerging markets and long-term impacts of the pandemic on global commerce.

Other segments will include updates on Russia’s war in Ukraine, China-Taiwan tensions, climate policy debates, technology regulation controversies, and societal trends in the Middle East. Expert interviews with economists, policymakers and correspondents will provide context and insights.

The audio edition runs approximately 2 hours and is optimized for commute and on-the-go listening. It distills The Economist’s incisive journalism and analysis into an audio briefing on this week’s urgent news stories, trends and developments shaping world events.

With informed, impartial perspectives on complex global issues, The Economist Audio Edition provides a timely audio digest for individuals seeking to deepen their understanding of current affairs and stay abreast of critical issues unfolding worldwide.

The Economist Audio Edition – August 12, 2023
Requirements: .MP3 reader, 204 MB

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