The Complete Linux Manual – VOL 30 2019

The Complete Linux Manual – VOL 30 2019

Everything you need to start learning Linux Ever since its introduction to the world in 1991 , as a then project by Finnish student Linus Torvalds, Linux has become one of the most important operating systems in use today.
While you may not realise it, Linux is working behind the scenes in many of your everyday devices. Versions of Linux can be found in smart TVs, Android phones and tablets, in-car entertainment systems and GPSs, as well as being the operating system of choice for web servers and the world’s most powerful supercomputers.

However, it also works for you too. Linux is such a versatile and malleable operating system that with a simple twist it can be transformed into a completely different type of system. You can use it as a standard desktop computer, media centre or programming and coding platform, and even a gaming machine. It’s this many faceted and personal approach that makes Linux such a unique and thoroughly enjoyable system to learn to use.
Armed with The Complete Linux Manual we guide you through installing Linux, using it and even creating your own customised distribution based on Arch Linux. Everything you need is within these pages.


Say Hello to Linux

  • Equipment You’ll Need
  • The Best Linux Distributions
  • Desktop Environments

Managing Files and Folders

  • Files and Folders
  • Using External Devices
  • Formatting Drives
  • Creating Documents

Using the internet

  • Browsing the Web
  • Setting Up Email with Thunderbird
  • Enable Online Search
  • Becoming Anonymous Online
  • Creat Internet Apps for Ubuntu

Office and Productivity

  • Exploring LibreOffice Writer
  • Exploring LibreOffice Calc
  • Exploring LibreOFFice Impress
  • Exploring LibreOffice Draw
  • Adding a Printer
  • How to Back Up Linux
  • Where to Get Help

Installing and Removing Software

  • Using Software to Get New Programs
  • How to Install Apps from the Terminal

Getting Started with Linux

  • Creating a Linux Installer on Windows
  • Installing Linux On a Windows PC
  • Installing Linux on a Mac
  • Installing a Virtual Environment
  • Installing Linux in a Virtual Environment
  • Things to do After Installing Linux

Getting to Know the Command Line

  • Using the Linux Filesystem
  • Listing and Viewing Files
  • Creating and Deleting Files
  • Creating and Removing Directories
  • Copying, Moving and Renaming Files
  • Using the Man Pages
  • Editing Text Files
  • Command Line Quick Reference
  • Ubuntu Tips and Tricks
  • Using the Bash Shell

Build Your Own Distro

  • Build Your Own Linux, Why?
  • Using Arch Linux as a Base
  • Preparing Virtualbox For Arch Linux
  • Download and Boot Into Arch
  • Connecting to the Internet
  • Partition the Hard Drive
  • Format Partitions and Install Arch Linux Base
  • Getting Arch Linux Ready
  • Booting Arch and Configuration
  • Installing a Desktop Environment in Arch
  • Installing Useful Desktop Programs
  • Fixing Sound and Virtualbox Graphics
  • Build Your Own Linux Distro Project Ideas

Getting to know Linux

  • Using the Desktop
  • Opening and Closing Programs
  • Navigating Menus
  • Managing Windows
  • Cetting Online
  • Using Workspaces
  • Accessibility Options

Using Media

  • Watching Videos
  • Using GIMP to Edit Images
  • Listening to Music

Getting More from Linux

  • Using a Different Desktop Environment
  • Installing CNOME Shell
  • Installing Xfce
  • Installing KDE Plasma
  • Installing LXDE
  • Installing Cinnamon
  • Installing MATE
  • Fun Things to do in the Terminal
  • More Fun Things to do in the Terminal
  • Fine Tune Ubuntu
  • Connecting to Windows Shares
  • Creating Bash Scripts and Automating Tasks
  • Gaming on Ubuntu
  • Where to Get Games for Linux
  • Retro Gaming in Linux

The Complete Linux Manual – VOL 30 2019