The Caravan – April 2023

The Caravan is an Indian English-language monthly news magazine known for its investigative journalism and longform reporting.

The April 2023 issue features a cover story that dives into the alarming rise in religious tensions and communal violence spreading across various parts of India over the past year. It will analyze factors driving this disturbing trend and its impact on society.

Other highlights of the issue include:

  • An exclusive report investigating corruption allegations against a prominent political party’s candidate in Karnataka.
  • An in-depth profile of the Indian women’s rugby team as the sport gains popularity.
  • A photo essay capturing pollution and environmental damage to the Yamuna river.
  • An interview with the head of ISRO on the future of India’s space program.
  • Reviews of the latest Bollywood films, TV shows, books and streaming content.

With its piercing, insightful analysis of contemporary Indian society and culture, The Caravan’s April 2023 issue promises hard-hitting stories and investigations that shape the nation’s dialogue. The magazine lives up to its reputation for courageous journalism and narrative depth.

The Caravan – April 2023
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