Teach Yourself Portrait Photography – 6th Edition, 2023

Overview: Often the most memorable pictures are those of people. Portraits can be engaging, emotional, intimate and informative. They are the ultimate story-telling device and enable you to study the human form in great detail. They allow you to celebrate the most intimate details of a person and admire not only their beauty, but their imperfections too. People pictures surround us everywhere nowadays, from our social media profile pictures to the numerous selfies we take with our phones, however, serious portrait photography is on a whole other level. Teach Yourself Portrait Photography covers everything you need to know to begin your journey towards professional looking imagery. Discover the essential kit that you need as well as expert tips and advice. Master the art of posing and learn to shape the light, as well as how to work in varying environments for compelling and engaging images of people.

Teach Yourself Portrait Photography – 6th Edition, 2023
Requirements: .PDF reader, 125.4 MB


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