Teach Yourself Lightroom – 6th Edition 2020

Teach Yourself Lightroom – 6th Edition 2020

Welcome to the latest edition of our Lightroom bookazine! Adobe’s excellent software is a dual-purpose tool. It organises your images and enhances them too, so we start out here by looking at its import and cataloguing tools.
Lightroom’s editing tools grab the headlines, but it’s often in the Library module that the really important work is done as you learn to sort, search and organise an ever-growing collection of photos.
Next, we run through the image enhancement tools in Lightroom’s Develop module, from basics such as cropping and straightening, to tone curve adjustments and the increasingly powerful localised adjustment tools. We also run through Lightroom’s Print, Map and Web modules, as it’s no use collecting a vast library of photos if you don’t do anything with them. And we’ve a specially expanded section on Lightroom’s increasingly important mobile app.
We hope you enjoy our new, updated guide to Lightroom and discover how it can help you to transform your own photos into images you can be proud of.

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