Taste of Morocco – Sea Food 2023

Moroccan culture is renowned for its diverse culinary traditions, intricate textiles, and elegant architecture. Taste of Morocco Magazine transports readers to this vibrant North African crossroads with award-winning food and travel writing alongside transporting photography. Immerse yourself in sumptuous recipes and the stories behind iconic dishes from tangy tagines to the perfect pastilla. Marvel at the vibrance of spice markets bursting with saffron, cumin, and sumac. Join photo tours of stunning riads, surf Atlantic swells, and trail renowned storytellers and artists keeping ancient folklore alive. Each issue is a sensory journey celebrating the ancestral ingenuity and hospitality that flavors Moroccan life. Taste of Morocco Magazine stirs your passions for rich experiences beyond tourism.

Taste of Morocco – Sea Food 2023
English | 58 pages | True PDF | 13.1 MB


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