Silicon Chip – November 2019

Silicon Chip – November 2019

Silicon Chip is a monthly Australian magazine for the hands-on hobbyist, design engineer, technician, and experimenter


14 A look at SatNav systems: how do they work?
You’ve come to rely on that GPS screen in or on your dashboard But it’s just one Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) in use today Some can even work with each other to give you incredibly reliable accuracy – by Dr David Maddison
38 Three l-O Expanders to give you more control!
If you don’t have enough microcontroller pins to do what you want to do, there can be a better way than changing to a larger micro: use an expander module. Here we present three different approaches to the problem – by Tim Blythman
96 We review: Altronics’ battery-powered soldering iron
Portable soldering irons have traditionally run on gas – but this is not always safe. Here we look at a new Lithium-ion-powered model from Aitronics. Our verdict? You’ll have to read the review to find out! – by Nicholas Vinen
26 The Super-9: a stereo FM Radio Receiver to build
Our AM Radio has proved really popular “But what about FM?”you asked! OK, for the FM listeners out there, here’s a matching FM Radio. It’s quite easy to build, looks great and even offers stereo output (into headphones) – by John Clarke
46 Low-cost Christmas project: twinkle, twinkle little staf Tree!
ifs tiny (just 50mm high) and has 12 tiny SMD LEDs which merrily blink away! You choose the LED colours (single ormulti) and you can even change the blinking pattern program if you wish. Build just one or build a Christmas forest! – by Tim Blythman
68 High performance linear power supply – part two
We introduced our outstanding 45V 8A linear supply last month and explained the how, when, where and why Now we move on to the really exciting part: putting it together – by Tim Blythman
90 Digital Panel Meter/USB Display suits a range of projects
We designed this to suit our new high-spec power supply but then realised just how useful it would be for other projects where a digital readout was required. It’s easy to build, easy to adapt and it’s low cost – by Tim Blythman
Fai/ouritg Coliymns
61 Serviceman’s Log
The alarming false alarm system – by Dave Thompson
85 Circuit Notebook
(1) Simple digital sinewave generator
(2) Shunt regulator for wind turbines
(3) Digital soldering iron stepping timer
(4) “The farmer’s friend”- discrete pump timer
98 Vintage Radio
1930s “Vogue”radio “restomod” (new electronics for old) – by Fred Lever
4 Editorial Viewpoint 6 Mai I bag – Your Feedback 95 Silicon Chip Online Shop 106 Ask Silicon Chip
109 Silicon Chip PCBs
111 Market Centre
112 Advertising Index 112 Notes and Errata

Silicon Chip – November 2019

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