Sewing for Beginners – 14th Edition 2021

Requirements: .PDF reader, 61.3 MB
Overview: A key life skill, as well as a fun hobby, learning to sew, will allow you to fix the odd tear in your jeans or make alterations to garments. Get to grips with all the essentials with Sewing for Beginners, from choosing your tools and materials to getting to know your sewing machine. You’ll learn all the essential techniques and put them to use with a number of fun and creative projects, so start creating! Featuring: Master the bare essentials – Learn all the basics, from choosing your tools to navigating the sewing machine. Start sewing today – Get your needle threaded and start sewing with essential techniques and stitches. Advance your skills – Take the next step with your sewing skills with more advanced techniques. Get creative – Practise your newfound skills with step-by-step project tutorials. Setting up – Preparation is key for a successful project – find out everything you need here. Getting started – The basic skills, jargon, and sewing know-how is laid out in this section. The next step – Learn the techniques that’ll transform your projects and help you make your own garments and accessories. Creative projects – Practise your new skills and create some beautiful and playful projects.

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