The Magnolia Journal – Issue 28, Fall 2023

The Magnolia Journal – Issue 28, Fall 2023
The Magnolia Journal – Issue 28, Fall 2023

PDF Reader

A PDF (Portable Document Format) reader is software that lets you view and work with PDF files. PDF readers typically let you zoom in and out, flip between pages, search text, and add bookmarks. Lots of PDF readers also let you mark up and annotate PDFs, and extract or save specific pages.

Some popular PDF readers are Adobe Acrobat Reader, Foxit Reader, and Nitro PDF Reader. Many web browsers like Chrome and Firefox have built-in PDF readers so you can view PDFs right in the browser. There are also mobile apps for iPhone and Android to check out PDFs on your phone or tablet.

EPUB Reader

An EPUB reader is an app that lets you read ebooks in EPUB format. EPUB is a common ebook format made for different screen sizes, so the text reflows to fit and is easy to read on any device.

There are tons of EPUB reader options - both free and paid - for Windows, Mac, iPhone, Android, and more. Some top EPUB readers are:

  1. Adobe Digital Editions - free for PC and Mac
  2. Calibre - free ebook manager and reader for PC, Mac, Linux
  3. Google Play Books - free reader for Android and iPhone
  4. Apple Books - built into iPhone and Mac
  5. Kobo - paid reader with ebook store, on PC, Mac, mobile
  6. Amazon Kindle - reads EPUB with conversion tools

Do some research to find the best EPUB reader for your needs and preferences.