Science – Volume 379 Issue 6628, 13 January 2023

Science is one of the world’s most prestigious scientific journals and is published by the American Association for the Advancement of Science. Since its first issue in 1880, Science has been published weekly and is a respected source of peer-reviewed scientific research and news. With a print subscriber base of around 130,000, Science reaches a wide audience of readers.

In addition to its print edition, Science also offers institutional subscriptions and online access, which allows its readership to expand to over one million people. Science provides a large selection of articles in various scientific fields such as chemistry, biology, physics, earth science, and social sciences. Its editorial board focuses on providing readers with the latest research and news related to scientific advancements.

Science is widely known for its high-quality content and rigorous peer-review process. This process ensures that all articles published in Science are of the highest quality and accuracy. In addition to research articles, Science also features editorials, commentaries, and news stories related to current scientific issues. The journal also publishes reviews and special issues on topics of current interest.

Science is a respected source of scientific research and news and is read by people all over the world. Its high-quality content and rigorous peer-review process have made

Science – Volume 379 Issue 6628, 13 January 2023
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