Recipe Journal – First Edition, 2020

Overview: No matter where you are on your cooking journey, there are always ways you can improve. If you’re new to home cooking, then you are in a great position to learn key skills from scratch. This way you can be sure that you’re doing things the right way from the outset. Or if you are a seasoned pro then you might still need advice on how to become even more creative in the kitchen. Over these pages, we’ve put together a guide to common cooking methods and kitchen skills as well as key ingredients that you must have in your cupboard. If that wasn’t enough to kick start your culinary adventure, we’ve also included tips and advice on how to become more inventive in the kitchen – learn to take risks and become more confident with your skills. Elsewhere in this journal, you’ll find space to write down your very own recipes, giving you a place to keep all your favourites together. We’ve also included some classic recipes throughout the journal to help get you started and inspire you. Discover recipes that include homemade pasta, pizza from scratch, vegetarian chilli and Victoria sponge. Make this a journal to treasure, pack it with love and delicious recipes that you might one day gift to someone else.

Requirements: .PDF reader, 118 MB


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