Radio User – May 2020

Since it’s debut in 2006, RadioUser has been the best selling radio listeners’ magazine in the UK. Short wave listening covers all forms of radio listening – broadcast, airband, scanning, DXTV, weather satellites, amateur bands, decode, s.s.b. utilities, numbers stations, milair and propagation to mention a few. All these topics are covered each month with regular columns compiled by the leading experts in their field.

• NEWS & PRODUCTS: The latest news & products, plus, a radio news digest
• BOOK REVIEW: A new title by David Lloyd, aimed mainly at those working in the broadcast industry
• FARMERS VOICE RADIO: The encouraging story of Farmers’ Voice Radio, an initiative using the medium of radio to bring about fairer livelihoods for small agribusinesses in Africa.
• TV & RADIO – PAST & PRESENT: We say goodbye to a popular RTÉ presenter, resume the narrative of the early days of radio & report on some current DXTV successes
PROPLAB 3.1: A comprehensive guide to the PropLab 3.1 software suite, which is widely used for more accurate predictions of the HF propagation environment.

• SIGNALS FROM SPACE: How you can easily receive, decode & interpret weather satellite imagery with stunning results
• EMERGING ISSUES IN RADIO: The future of radio in all its forms, reports on hospital radio & shows how this year’s World Radio Day was a celebration of the diversity of the medium
• MARITIME MATTERS: How manned & unmanned vessels can safely communicate with one another
• NETWORK RADIO: Off-grid with network radios, an easy network radio setup & critically the hybrid nature of future radio communications.
• BOOK REVIEW: The Teak Air Show Guide, a new US airband monitoring eBook
• AIRBAND NEWS: An update on digital ATC towers & UHF frequency changes at UK RAF airfields, & ATC operations at Gloucestershire Airport.

• DIGITAL RADIO: New DRM portables & some international developments revolving around DAB trials
• A PORTRAIT OF REGINALD FESSENDEN: The life & work of a lesser-known radio pioneer, who has been called the ‘Father of Wireless Telephony’
• THE INTERNATIONAL RADIO SCENE: Contemporary radio, with wireless visits to South America & East Asia
• GHOST-HUNTING: Conspiracy theories & unlikely activities in the field of radio
• RALLIES & EVENTS: A list of radio-related events

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