Quick and Easy Keto Diet – 6th Edition, 2022

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Overview: If you want to try the keto diet but are concerned that its specialist cooking will take up too much time in your busy lifestyle, then look no further! This collection of delicious keto recipes has been designed to fit into even the most hectic schedule, and provide you with a wide range of tasty meals and snacks that you can cook and serve quickly and easily. Plus, you’ll find comprehensive advice about how to start and manage your keto diet, from learning how to work out your macronutrient ratios to the best keto foods, practical advice on meal planning and preparation, and how to maintain your keto diet when cooking for family and friends. Find out how you can achieve and maintain ketosis while enjoying a wide range of delicious, fast and simple recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and treat yourself to some indulgent desserts and snacks every so often, too.

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