Prepper Survival Guide – Issue 22 2024

Prepper Survival Guide – Issue 22 2024
English | 116 pages | PDF | 50.3 MB

Issue 22 of Prepper Survival Guide Magazine is packed with a variety of useful and practical information for those interested in survival strategies and preparedness. This edition focuses on several key topics:

  1. Bugging Out: Critical tips to stay alive and navigate effectively when you need to leave your home quickly.
  2. Stockpiling: Advice on how to stockpile food and supplies without breaking the bank.
  3. Survival Skills: Articles cover a range of skills, including map and compass navigation, using pressure points and joint locks for self-defense, and handling dog attacks.
  4. Fitness and Health: Emphasizes the importance of physical fitness for survival, alongside practical tips for improving fitness.
  5. Wilderness First Aid: Essential first-aid skills and items to include in your kit for wilderness survival.
  6. Use of Drones: Insights into how drones can be utilized for survival purposes.
  7. Everyday Tools and Kits: Information on creating pocket-sized survival kits and the different types of cordage.

Additionally, there are articles on the many uses of the cattail plant, strategies for dealing with long-term isolation, and planning ahead for different emergency situations. The issue aims to provide readers with actionable advice to keep themselves and their families safe in various scenarios.

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