Outdoor Life – Survive & Thrive Off The Grid, 2023

Outdoor Life – Survive & Thrive Off The Grid, 2023
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Overview: MOST OF US DREAM OF BECOMING A LITTLE more self-sufficient. That might mean something as simple as growing basil in the kitchen window or as complicated as canning all of the vegetables
you’ll eat for the year. For my family,it means building 4’ x 8’ raised garden beds on our small backyardin southeast Wyoming and learning how to grow heat-loving plants like tomatoes and peppers at 7,220 feet. It means spending April and May chasing turkeys through the woods and raising seedlings that we’ll move outdoors when the frosts are gone. It also means thoughtfully eating what wild game remains in our freezer from the fall before. But after a dozen or more years eating almost exclusively wild game, we found ourselves in a rut.


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