Ollie and Dakota’s – Clubhouse, 2023

Ollie and Dakota’s – Clubhouse, 2023
Requirements: .PDF reader, 44.8 MB True PDF
Overview: An eye-catchingly colorful, power-packed box of fun for kids from 7-12. Meet Ollie (a cartoon orangutan) and Dakota (a cartoon dolphin), your curious, fun-loving hosts. The Clubhouse is a welcoming place chock full of kid-friendly content like puzzles and challenges, jokes and riddles, games and activities, super-short stories, and reviews of this season’s movies, TV, video games, and books. But as a flip-through from any mom at the store will quickly reveal, it’s also subversively educational, with sections on science, kid-friendly news, tutorials to help kids learn to write and draw, and a whole lot more. Finally—a magazine that kids and parents can love together!


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