Miniature Wargames – Issue 478, February 2023

Miniature Wargames is a magazine dedicated to all forms of miniatures wargaming. It covers an array of game systems and settings, such as historical, fantasy, science fiction, pulp, steampunk, and roleplaying games. Some of the topics it tackles are 1/72nd scale wargaming, terrain making, converting miniatures, and the painting of miniatures. It also focuses on operational and rules-based wargaming, providing coverage on board wargames and other video/internet games.

The magazine covers a wide range of topics related to miniatures wargaming and provides detail on the strategic elements that make the game more effective. It also offers tips and insights from experienced players to new and intermediate players, allowing them to gain a better understanding of the game. Additionally, Miniature Wargames reviews new gaming products, such as books and miniatures, helping players make informed decisions when selecting new components for their game.

For those who are looking to further their knowledge, the magazine provides profiles of players, builds and strategies, giving readers an idea of what works best.

The magazine acts as an essential resource for anyone interested in miniatures gaming. With detailed information and insight, it provides a comprehensive understanding of the craft and helps readers get the most out of the hobby.

Miniature Wargames – Issue 478, February 2023
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Miniature Wargames Issue 478 February 2023 - Miniature Wargames - Issue 478, February 2023

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