Men’s Health South Africa – December 2019

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It’s the festive season, and I’m tempted to kick back, relax and wolf down anything within arm’s reach. Problem is, I run the risk of tanking my hard work at the dinner table — one roast potato at a time. But big feasts and the Sunday carvery don’t have to spell the end Of big biceps and carved abs. Warmer climes are a chance to dial up the heat on your workouts by taking them outside. Seriously, you can maintain (or even add) muscle and ramp up your endurance, all while torching the calorie bomb that was last night’s greasy supper. This summer, that’s exactly what I’m going to do — and you can, too.

Whether you’re at home, on the beach or between flights, we’ve got plans designed to get you ripped in the sun. Start with Our guide to training on holiday (p.26) where we show you how to maintain your hard-won muscle with two tools you can stash in your carry-on. It’s not all sweat and sobriety — drinks are still on the menu. But when one pint turns into one too many, these no-BS hangover cures (p.80) will get you back on track (and training) in the time it takes to whip up breakfast.
That old beach losing its shine? Switch up the scenery with a guy trip to remember — turn to p.65 for tips on planning the ultimate getaway. (And do it in style with our travel fashion inventory on p. 48). One rule: don’t give up on your summer muscle goals. Our cover guy winner Mnqobi Kunene was a finalist in last year’s competition and came back even stronger this year to take the top spot. Your move: tap into that same drive to make this your fittest summer ever.

Men’s Health South Africa – December 2019

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