Maximum PC – December 2019

Maximum PC – December 2019

When it comes to building PCs, it enables you to spend your cash where it will have the most impact. Pump the lion’s share of your budget at the processor if you•re going to be doing a lot of number crunching, at the graphics card if you’re a gamer, or at the storage if you’ve got a lot of data to plow through or you’re building some kind of NAS. But what do you focus on when you’re building a more general- purpose system? Where should your hard-earned cash go?

This issue, we show you how to build such a system, with the added benefit that the resultant machine won’t break the bank. It absolutely works as a fully functioning PC, and thanks to shifts in processor capabilities, it will handle workloads that would have required much more expensive hardware only a couple of years ago. Even so, this isn’t really what the system is designed for—it’s meant as a foundation for a more focused machine. So, not only do we show you how to piece it together, but we then go on to show you how to upgrade it, depending on what you’ve got in mind.

When embarking on such a build. the initial pivotal decision is generally whether you should go for AMD or Intel. Given the recent shifts in the market. it probably won’t come as much of a surprise to discover that we’ve sided with AMD here, with the latest Ryzen 3 3200G. This uses a Zen* architecture as opposed to the Zen 2 architecture that can be found powering the rest of the 3000-series family, but don’t let that put you off what is an incredible budget powerhouse. If you wish to side with Intel. however. its slightly more expensive Core i3s would be a good starting point (with a similarly affordable motherboard).

Looking at the budget end of the spectrum shows that PCs really have come a long way recently, something that is highlighted by our big feature on the history of the PC (pg. 40). You may have an idea of how some of the bits and pieces that define the modern PC came about. but actually seeing how it all started makes for an epic story. and it’s well worth a read. It may change how you view some of the players involved.

Our other big feature looks at the best options for taking control of your password manager (pg. 52). It’s all well and good using an online service, but you’re not really in control, you’re just putting your security into the hands of others. What you should do is run your own server, possibly from your NAS, that handles all the hard work for you. We also show you how to take charge of your media, converting videos so they stream glitch-free across your network on any connected devices. Speaking of which. we also show you how to install Kodi on your Amazon Fire TV Stick, so you can get it to do so much more with your TV than simply stream shows from Amazon. Given how cheap Fire TV Sticks are. it’s a great way of making even the dumbest TV a smart device.

Maximum PC – December 2019

Digital Magazine

Are you indecisive about going digital? Don’t you have enough reasons to be persuaded? Whether you like it or not, the world is turning digital. Nowadays, it isn’t easy to envision a single day without digital connectivity. We all rely on our mobile gadgets in every domain, whether health, travel, pleasure, or work.

Meanwhile, the publishing sector is no different from any other. Realizing that digital is no longer a passing novelty, more publications are becoming digital or incorporating digital material into their business plans, such as digital magazines or PDF magazines.

Now you’ve become familiar with the importance of going digital, let’s move forward to help you decide further about whether you should download online magazines.

Easy To Access

The fact that we spend so much of our time online is why digital publications are chosen. Our reading habits include numerous usage of internet information at all hours of the day and night. Digital publications make it easier for us to keep our favorite pieces, share them, form communities, and discuss them online.

Instant Availability

Purchasing, reading, and downloading online magazines is, without question, a quick and simple process. From the conveniences of our own homes, we may instantaneously purchase the digital edition of our choosing. It may be viewed and read at any time and location, such as when traveling, during a lunch break, or while waiting in line at a coffee shop. Rather than dealing with multiple books, you can obtain information instantly at your fingertips.

Global Exposure

A digital magazine will be available worldwide once it is released. By sharing the story and thoughts, an author can reach a global audience in no time. Geographical boundaries are thus no longer an impediment. Furthermore, readers may share digital magazines with friends and family, increasing the publication’s user base.
A digital publication has an indefinite lifespan and stays unchanged even after years of use. Printed periodicals, on the other hand, degrade with each passing year. There is also the possibility of the print becoming lighter, the paper quality deteriorating, and other such difficulties.
Digital magazines give a better user experience than printed editions since they are more engaging. In addition to highly engaging photos, music, and video, one may peak viewers’ attention by displaying captivating 360-degree views, pop-ups, weblinks, and various other interactive components.
An author can increase user engagement by enabling two-way communication via push notifications and feedback forms.

A PDF reader is required.

To view electronic magazines and other digital periodicals, you’ll need a pdf reader software package. You may use it to read and arrange digital publications in a more efficient and orderly manner.

Installing the program first is the best approach to utilizing a pdf reader. It’s as simple as opening the pdf reader after the installation is complete. If you have a busy schedule and don’t want to connect to the internet whenever you want to view a pdf, you may also use a pdf reader offline.

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