Linux Format UK – Issue 260 March 2020

Linux Format UK – Issue 260 March 2020

Projects. projects. projects! From the Raspberry Pi to Linux to Arduino.
we’re going to keep you busy in 2020 with only the best maker projects to try n Linux Format! We’re running a maker special with our favourite builds to try. from running an NAS to a fully functional robot build.
I’m currently renovating a house — largely by myself — which IS fun. I get to play with lots of different tools.
work with wood. plaster a wall, do a bit of soldering. break a few things, fix a few things and get a sense of achievement when a room finally doesn’t look like t’s come straight out of Fallout 3.
Now. Im quite often wrong (just ask Jonni) but I get a strong feeling that open source and Linux people like doing things for themselves. It ‘s a big part of why many people have fallen in love With the Raspberry Pi: even the term physical computing is an appeal to the hands-on approach.
It’s been over a year since our last blow-out Pi projects bonanza. so With the Raspberry Pl 4 well out of the stable and potentially a fresh batch of new Pl owners floating around. we thought it was time to update our favourite Pi projects for 2020.

From software-only projects to entire robot builds. we have a look at builds that’ll keep you happy and out of the winter cold (for you northern hemisphere types).
For those types that don’t like the Pi, we’ve got plenty of straight Linux-based tutorials and features this issue. You asked for more detail on what the heck Linux firewalls do. so we’re explaining just that this issue. Plus we have a host of tutorials. including terminal music control, password management, Jop/in notes, beginner distros. config control. Docker basics. propct management. writing calendars.
creating a GIT monitor and loads more. So as always. enjoy!

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