Learn Hot English – Issue 255, August 2023

Learn Hot English is a monthly magazine for learners of English as a second language. Published by Hot English Publishing, it focuses on improving English fluency.

Issue 255 features topics aimed at upper-intermediate and advanced English learners. The cover story looks at the increased use of digital assistants like Siri and Alexa and their impact on daily English conversations.

Additional articles and sections in Issue 255 include:

  • Modern wedding traditions and their unique vocabulary
  • Mastering English idioms related to change and transition
  • Improving listening comprehension through English podcasts
  • Reviews of the latest movies to watch to learn colloquial English
  • Quizzes and puzzles to test English grammar, vocabulary and expressions
  • Advice on holding successful video conference calls in English

With motivating content presented in a simple, engaging style, Learn Hot English allows ESL students to expand their language skills. Issue 255 provides over 100 pages of practical tips, lessons, and entertainment to help English learners gain confidence.

Learn Hot English – Issue 255, August 2023
Requirements: .PDF reader, 57.7 MB


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