iCreate UK – Issue 209 2020

iCreate UK – Issue 209 2020

The magazine for Mac, iPod, iPhone and iPad
iCreate is the creative magazine for Apple computer users. Made for Mac users by Mac users, it provides sumptuously designed, essential content for Apple aficionados and switchers alike. Featuring in-depth tutorials in iMovie, iPhoto and the rest of the iLife applications as well as iTunes and Mac OS X, it is the magazine no Apple addict can be without. If Apple made a magazine, it would be iCreate.

Imagine that your Mac keyboard is a guitar fretboard, but instead of contorting your hands to form chord shapes, you’re training them to consign shortcut key combinations to muscle memory. Like music, once you start to master this secret language, the magic really starts to happen as you can perform key tasks and functions in a fraction of the time and really enhance you productivity.
This issue Of iCreate is all about turbo-charging your workflow)w and multitasking using your Mac and iOS devices. Starting on page 14 we’ve got a feature dedicated to managing multiple tasks on your Mac and getting more done wth the aid of your iPhone and iPad.
Elsewhere we go in depth on how you can multitask using iPadOS and harness the true power of Finder on y0Lr Mac to achieve more in less time.
Also in this issue we demonstrate how you don’t need an Apple Watch to help you stay fit
and healthy because your trusty Phone can handle all of you fitness and diet-tracking needs. Please enjoy!

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