History of War – The Blitz, 2nd Edition 2022

 On 7 September 1940, a new and horrifying chapter in the history of Britain began: the Blitz. As bombs rained down on London from waves of Luftwaffe planes, the scale and savagery of WWII came crashing into the homes and lives of thousands of innocent civilians. Countless homes, businesses, communications networks, factories and, most valuable of all, families, would be destroyed throughout the course of the Nazi terror raid, a campaign aimed at obliterating the nation’s morale and forcing the British Government to sue for peace. But the people of Britain proved far more resilient than Hitler could ever have anticipated. Steeling themselves against the relentless bombing, they stood tall and vowed to carry on, their courage and collective spirit an unbeatable force that would unite a nation. From volunteer firefighters to air raid wardens, RAF night fighters and even Girl Scouts, men, women and children across the country braved bombs and blasts to do their bit, building shelters, battling infernos and hunting the enemy in an effort to defy the threat of fascism. Get ready to dodge the bombs, man the searchlights and immerse yourself in their story, a brutal struggle that may have ended 80 years ago but still echoes to this day.

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