History of War – Special Forces, 3rd Edition 2023

History of War – Special Forces, 3rd Edition 2023
Requirements: .PDF reader, 110 MB
Overview: What was that noise? Is someone watching you? No, no – it’s just your imagination. There’s no one there. You’re not totally surrounded by a unit of elite soldiers poised to strike with lethal force. No. You’re safe. That flicker in the corner of your eye was just a passing shadow. Or was it? By the time you’ve made your mind up it will be too late. The terrifying prospect of confronting the world’s finest fighters has haunted the enemies of the free world since the birth of the SAS in the 1940s, a pioneering special forces unit that bedevilled the Axis forces throughout WWII and continues to fight against tyrannical regimes and terrorist organisations to this day.
But they are not alone. While America boasts the formidable SEALs and Delta Force, China can now call upon her Snow Leopards, while Canada, France, Australia, South Africa and many other nations are all equipped with specialist forces ready to strike from the shadows. You are about to enter the secretive world of the special forces, one that demands unimaginable levels of endurance, courage and strategic thinking in order to survive and save the lives of innocent people caught in the crossfire of conflict. From the origins of special ops to
the missions that have defined various units and the commanders who have led them, prepare to immerse yourself in the arts of neutralising the enemy before they even know you’re there.


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