History of War – Battle Of The Bulge, 4th Editon 2022

History of War – Battle Of The Bulge, 4th Editon 2022
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Overview: Battle of the Bulge – World War II
The bloodiest battle in American history earned its name from the war correspondents who were covering the conflict. The “bulge” was a protuberance 50 miles wide and 70 miles deep in the American lines. The Germans, who had been in flight from the American invasion of Normandy, were not supposed to be in the Ardennes region, with its terrain deemed too difficult for tanks to move or soldiers to fight. That deadly assumption left the Ardennes and the town of Bastogne insufficiently defended by 80,000 American soldiers, most of whom had minimal battle experience. Attacking them were more than 400,000 well-armed German troops, many of whom had earned their fighting experience on the deadly Eastern Front.

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