Hi-Fi+ – Issue 196 – June 2021

English | 124 pages | True PDF | 19 MB
Hi-Fi+ is Europe’s leading English-language high-end audio magazine. Hi-Fi+ magazine is the definitive audiophile authority, whether it’s the latest in digital audio technology or the greatest turntable you’ve ever heard. Our mission is simple: to find the best audio components money can buy. Music serves as the soundtrack to our lives, and we believe that the better that soundtrack sounds, the richer our lives can be. A decent audio system might introduce you to new musical pathways that may surprise you. We don’t discriminate; it could be a vintage valve amplifier or a cutting-edge music server – if it sounds nice, we want to know about it and tell you about it. The subtleties are what distinguishes decent sound from outstanding sound… and we are obsessive over minutiae.


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