Guitarist Annual – Volume 7, 2023/2024

Guitarist Annual – Volume 7, 2023/2024
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Overview: It has been a year to forget for so many musicians, upon which Covid has cast a lingering shadow. And yet green shoots can be made out among the ashes of a formerly vibrant music scene. Talents such as Welsh-born acoustic guitarist Gwenifer Raymond (see page 20) have flourished in lockdown and even stalwarts of rockabilly such as Brian Setzer (see page 38) have found fresh ways to speak through the guitar on recent albums. As always, guitar gear has helped shape the musical vision of musicians the world over, even during the darkest hours of the pandemic. With that in mind, this annual not only contains in-depth features on the golden era of legendary guitar makers such as Fender and Gibson (see page 56) but also exacting reviews of tempting new gear such as the incredible crop of 2021 guitars, amps and effects featured from page 74. We also delve deep into the evolution of exciting new guitars such as the PRS Fiore (see page 120), built for neo-soul funk phenom Mark Lettieri. Gibson’s top-drawer reissues made by the elite ‘Murphy Lab’ cadre of guitar builders within Gibson’s Custom Shop are also put under the microscope by our expert reviewers on page 140. Whatever your tastes or budget, I hope you find a guitar to match your musical aspirations this year. Enjoy the issue and see you next time.
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