GoPro Photography Tricks and Tips – 15th Edition 2023

GoPro Photography Tricks and Tips is an annual special edition magazine from Future Publishing focusing on techniques for the GoPro action camera. The 2023 edition marks the 15th year for this popular guide.

At 148 pages, this issue is packed with tips, gear recommendations, and lessons for capturing stunning photos and videos with any GoPro model, from HERO7 up to the newest HERO11.

Key features include:

  • Camera settings for different environments like snow, underwater, and low-light
  • DIY mounts, accessories, and rigs for unique angles
  • Composition principles for engaging action shots
  • Creative editing tutorials for photos and video
  • Interviews withprofessional athletes and filmmakers on their GoPro secrets

With a sleek, colorful design and real-world examples, GoPro Photography Tricks and Tips makes mastering a GoPro accessible for any skill level. It highlights the versatility of GoPros for travel, sports, adventure and filmmaking. For GoPro users eager to take their photography and videography to the next level, this annual edition delivers the definitive guide.

GoPro Photography Tricks and Tips – 15th Edition 2023
English | 94 pages | PDF | 73.2 MB

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