FourFourTwo UK – The 100 Greatest Premier League Players, 2021

 Ever since its launch in September 1994, FourFourTwo has been breaking new ground in the quest to get you up close and personal with the icons of the beautiful game. Across its 300 issues to date the magazine has scoured the globe to talk to the likes of Ronaldo, Zidane and Messi, as well as true greats like Iain Dowie and Lee Trundle. We’ve spoken to fanatical fans, analysed the hottest new talent, illustrated some of the most breathtaking strikes and dived into the history of the game’s craziest owners – including one who toured Madrid on an elephant.

With all that in mind, narrowing our selection of FFT’s finest content down to 148 pages was harder than pulling off Zlatan’s ‘pigeon wing’ in a phone box. Within the following pages you’ll reminisce about World Cup icons, unearth the early years of a certain Brazilian and discover which legend of the game is Kiefer ‘Sunderland’s’ biggest fan. If that wasn’t enough, you’ll step back to a time when Jurgen Klopp’s Dortmund were staring at life in the German second division, learn the truth behind Botswana’s favourite fake player and relive the most dramatic moment’s in Champions League history. Oh, and the chap below features in here somewhere.

Requirements: .PDF reader, 59mb True PDF

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