Explore History – 1st edition, 2022

Explore History – 1st edition, 2022
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You hold before you a deck of mysterious cards, handed down through generations of mysticism and legend, carefully placed in its battered old box. With reverence, you cut the deck in two and draw the first card – the Page of Swords. Your heart quickens, drawn by the figure’s curious glance out at the world. He is bold and unafraid, a harbinger of knowledge and discovery. Confidently, you draw your second card – the Hermit. A solemn figure whose lantern shines a path towards the answers you seek. He will be your guide, inviting you on a journey to find the truth of your questions. Finally, you draw your third card – The World. It is the card of fulfillment, of the promise that exists in life. And with it comes the understanding that you have the power to pursue your curiosity and your aspirations, and those paths will lead to your answers.


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