EatingWell Anti-Aging – Special Edition, May 2021

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For various people, reversing the aging process may mean different things. For some, it starts with avoiding chronic illnesses and living long enough to blow out the 100th candle on your birthday. Others consider mental sharpness to be an important part of lifespan. While there is no such thing as a real-life fountain of youth, many meals provide skin-health benefits that may be the next best thing. According to research, diet and other lifestyle factors can play a significant part in keeping you alert, active, and youthful. This special issue delves into basic dietary and lifestyle changes that can improve your health and vitality as you age. Inside, you’ll find plenty of healthy-aging dinners that can be made in 25 minutes or less, a meal plan designed to improve skin from the inside out, and advice on how to keep your brain healthy for years to come.

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