Eat More, Do Less, Get Fit: Health and Fitness for Everyone

Eat More, Do Less, Get Fit: Health and Fitness for Everyone by Dan Collins
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Overview: I wrote this book as part of a personal journey to learn more about nutrition and fitness so that I could better understand the role nutrition plays in reshaping my body. Once I discovered the prevalent fitness concept of carbohydrate rich diets and workout routines centered around cardio training were simply wrong, it became my mission to spread the word – the truth about nutrition and fitness.
The discovery that regularly eating large amounts of carbohydrates and how that directly affected my blood sugar management was the key to determining why my body created and retained body fat. This realization led me to design Eat More, Do Less, Get Fit to explain why the current and accepted misperceptions about nutrition and training are so wrong and what I believe to be the correct method to reshape your body.
When it comes to training, I learned that it is not cardio, but progressive weight training that will reshape your body. Cardio only trains slow-twitch muscle while progressive weight training works your fast-twitch muscle. Fast-twitch muscle fiber is the only one of the two that can be grown which is necessary to reshaping your body.

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