Do It Yourself – October 2020

You probably didn’t plan to have such an intimate connection to your collection of walls, floors, and ceilings. And yet, here you are, acutely aware of the gorgeous view from your kitchen sink at midday, as well as how the doors on your bathroom vanity swell shut when someone forgets to run the fan during a shower. (Not that I’m speaking from experience!).
Through the highs, the lows, and the blahs, your home has been there for you. So show your rooms and yourself a little love with a quick refresh or two. Try the color-blocking trend with confidence (“Color Block,” page 84), or stitch a little personality onto basic bed linens (“Sew Easy Bedding,” page 20). If you love a good IKEA hack, we created five transformations you’ve never seen before (“Flat-Pack Hacks,” page 48). And don’t miss my favorite projects in the issue: wood bead ornaments (above) that you can string up in five minutes or less (“What to Do with Wood Beads,” page 24). You’ll want to make a batch for giving and keeping!

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