Cursed! Destined For Doom: Special Edition 2023

From the cursed Hope Diamond to the Chicago Cubs’ infamous Billy Goat curse, get ready to dive into captivating tales of inexplicable doom. We’ll uncover chilling biblical curses like Cartaphilus, condemned to eternally walk the Earth after assaulting Jesus. We’ll reveal the eerie fates of those who opened King Tut’s tomb. We’ll learn how playing Superman has hauntingly cursed actors in movies and TV. And we’ll explore countless other intriguing stories of curses throughout history and into the modern day. For American readers fascinated by the mysterious and macabre, this magazine takes you on a riveting ride through humanity’s most spellbinding cursed legends and lore. Each issue features engrossing articles and creepy visuals that will leave you enthralled by the sinister side of the supernatural.

Cursed! Destined For Doom: Special Edition 2023
English | 97 pages | PDF | 41 MB

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